Yaza Rambaan Tea Organic Immunity Booster


The Dependable All-rounder

Our Rambaan Tea is packed with much more than you can imagine. An unrivalled multi-tasker, this tea aids in an overall health transformation and promotes all things good in the body. 16 herbs and spices with highly beneficial properties come together and form this powerful blend.

The tea is a blend of fennel seeds, cardamom, bay leaves, cinnamon, rose petals, tulsi leaves, mulethi, cloves, shankhpushpi and seven other assorted herbs.


  • Helps cure cough, cold and constipation
  • Helps in improving metabolism and thus aids in fat loss
  • Cures Migraine if consumed religiously
  • Rejuvenating properties helps in reducing overall stress
  • Helps to control high blood pressure
Weight: 50gm
Sale priceRs. 350.00

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