Whispers from The Brighter World, 1944-1955 - Volume 1 to 4 (Set of 4 Books)-Tamil

Title: Tamil
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Whispers from The Brighter World, 1944 is a spiritual treasure of great wisdom from beyond this world. It is an historic record of the intercommunications Babuji Maharaj had with his Guru, Lalaji Maharaj, and other great spiritual Elders, which he faithfully recorded in his diaries. This first volume in the series documents the conversations from May to October 1944. Babuji had not yet been announced as Lalaji’s representative, and Shri Ram Chandra Mission had not been formalized; both were in the process of becoming, and it was a period of great consequence and change. These profound conversations are a window into the ideal relationship of Guru and disciple that we witness in Lalaji and Babuji. Volume 1 - May'1944 to October'1944 Volume 3 - April'1945 to April'1946 Volume 2 - October'1944 to April'1945 Volume 4 - April'1946 to June'1955

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