Uttaransh Vana Tulsi Floral Honey


Uttaransh Vana Tulsi Honey: Harvested  from Queen of Herbs (Tulsi) flora near Gadmaar  Dist Bilaspur of Chhattisgarh (Renowned for naturally grown Vana Tulsi plants), in the month of March-April

This 100% natural, amber honey is filled with nectar collected from flowers of the Queen of Herbs Forest Basil (Vana Tulsi) , is delicately mild and sweet with warm herbal undertones.

It is Raw, Unprocessed, Unheated  and Pure. It is the best Ayurvedic remedy for cough cold. We never mix any flavour or sugar in our honey. Our natural Floral honey is free from chemicals, additives, antibiotics.

·        Helps reduce stress and anxiety.

·        Boosts immunity.

·        Cures cold and cough.

·        Antibacterial and antiviral properties.

·        Anti-inflammatory.

·        Rich in Antioxidants.

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