Uttaransh Sunflower Honey 500gms


Uttaransh Sunflower Honey is harvested by placing Bee Hives near Sunflower farms in Kannauj Uttar Pradesh. It is harvested during the month of April when Sunflowers blossoms. Our luscious Sunflower Floral Honey is naturally extracted & filtered to remove external impurities and consequently holds all the beneficial immunity-boosting enzymes, antioxidants and minerals.
It is an excellent tool to improve blood circulation, and has a tangible effect on people with cold limbs. It is useful for the rapid healing of wounds, burns, and for the treatment of dermatitis, rhinitis and sinusitis. It also has anti-bacterial and decongestant properties, and can be used in treating the digestive disorders and urinary tract infections.
The mild refreshing sweetness of our 100% pure Sunflower Honey makes it an excellent, low-calorie substitute for sugar!

Pairings: Uttaransh Sunflower Honey works perfectly stirred into a glass of warm milk, or drizzled over toast, chappatis and homemade yogurt.

Sale priceRs. 550.00

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