Uttaransh Bilona Badri Cow Ghee - 500 ml


Free Range Badri Cows are natives of hilly regions of Uttarakhand. The Cow is small in size, weighing between 200-250 kg, having long legs and varied body colors – black, brown, red, white or grey. Hooves and muzzle are black or brown in color. Hump prominent. Udder is small in size, tucked up with the body. These are well adapted to the hilly terrain and climatic conditions, comparatively more resistant to diseases Badri Cow is considered as a motherly figure and has various religious importances; As the Cow feed on herbs present in hilly areas its medicinal properties can be easily seen in milk. It is scientifically proven that the milk of free-range cows is 5 times more nutritious than stall-fed cows. 

Mostly fed grass, milk of these cows is thick and yellow in color. Unlike other Indian breeds, they give only 1 to 3 litres of milk.

Method of Ghee Preparation: Traditional Bilona Method (Wood Churner) Uttaransh Badri Cow Ghee is hand made using traditional methods instead of machines. It is laborious involving many man hours and we use only pure cow milk which comes in small batches. Butter is churned from curd using wooden churner. Cooked on slow wood & cow dung cakes fire which gives the ghee a natural caramel aroma, sweet and butterish scent and taste.

Benefits of Cow Ghee

In our ancient Vedas Ghee is termed as “samskara anuvartana”, which means it retains its own goodness along with the health benefits of whatever it is cooked with 

Promotes Digestion, Improves Bone Development ,Protects Arteries, Increase Bone Density, Provides Nourishment , Improves Immunity ,Promotes Healthy Pregnancy 

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