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This book is a record of the experiences and times sister Shashi Dhawan spent with her beloved Babuji Maharaj, from her early teens until his passing in April 1983. She describes her first meeting with Babuji Maharaj on the auspicious day of Holi in March 1964 – that first moment when he gazed at her with his piercing eyes and she experienced the Divinity in him. She then describes the daily routine of visiting Babuji, sitting with him as a scribe to take dictation and notes. She shares so many stories of his unconditional love and practical wisdom, in both the spiritual and material realms. There are anecdotes about saints, gods, morality and ethics, natural laws, and how a human life can be conducted to reach the highest purpose of a human life. Sister Shashi Dhawan continues to be a witness to the growth of the Heartfulness movement from its humble beginnings in northern India to its presence today in schools, universities, corporates, government institutions, and with people from all walks of life and cultures around the world

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