Chemmala Moringa & Clove Oil Ear drops


Moringa & Clove Oil – Ear drops 


Moringa ear drop is a perfect blend of Pure Moringa oil with clove bud oil.


One drop in each ear at bed time.

Product description:

Moringa oil which is Highly nutritious significantly more moisturizing contains over 90 nutrients, almost 50 compounds with strong antioxidant properties and over 30 compounds with anti-inflammatory properties. It’s no wonder that it’s believed to cure over 300 diseases.

Such a wonderful oil is used in this mixture ,which can strengthen the Ear function pacifying earache, Noisy ears, reducing inflammation and other ear related problems.

Essential oils are natural, plant-based substances. Clove is one of the strongest antibacterial, because of its high content of eugenol. This makes Clove oil very good for ear infections.

Moringa with Clove essential oil has a strong pain-relieving effect. Massaged at the back of the ear can reduce the earache pain

Clove also has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects too.


Reliving ear ache,
Reduce noisy ear.
Removing ear wax
Reduce ear infection
Reducing inflammation and itching due to sinus.
Gives lubrication to bone joints in ear and jaw

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