Towards Infinity & Sahaj Marg Philosophy


In Towards Infinity, Babuji describes the need to awaken Real Wisdom in the mind of practitioners, to help them in understanding the mysteries of the conditions experienced in the various knots (granthis) encountered on the spiritual journey to the state of mergence.

Sahaj Marg Philosophy by Shri Ram Chandra (Babuji) is not of the orthodox kind, but has come from the founts of intuition and personal experiences of the author in the realm of the Real. Having actually tread the life of spirituality, the author has dealt with the practical side of philosophy in this work and a whole section of it is devoted to the practical aspect. In this respect, the book is a departure from other known works of philosophy.

Duration: English : 4:39:00 & Hindi : 6:40:00 

Release Year: English : 2013 & Hindi : 2014

File Size: English : 241.1 MB & Hindi : 322.8 MB

Format: Audio Books
Language: English
Rs. 200

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