PraanaPoorna Soapnut Kitchen Degreaser - Concentrate 350ML


Natural Bio Enzyme-based hand-blended kitchen cleaner. Concentrate- Shake well and Dilute before Use.

Contains thick Bio Enzyme, Soapnuts, Shikakai, and Pure essential oils.

100% Natural, bio-degradable, and environmentally safe. Lab-tested with disinfectant efficacy of 99.99%.

Usage: Apply directly on greasy areas like a chimney, soak for 15 min, then wipe with paper or cloth. Dilute up to 10 times with water and use as vessel wash.

Keep away from sunlight and replace the cap tightly after use. 

Best before 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Removes dirt and oil. It Lathers less and uses less water to wash off.

Sale priceRs. 375.00

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