PraanaPoorna Natural Shampoo - Concentrate 350ML


Natural Origin Soapnuts and Shikakai based Shampoo with essential oils. Concentrate- Shake well and Dilute before Use.

Contains Bio Enzyme, handcrushed fresh pods of Soapnuts and Shikakai and pure essential oil.

100% Natural, bio-degradable, environmentally safe. Lab-tested with disinfectant efficacy of 99.99%.

Usage : Apply in small quantities and massage thoroughly before rinsing with water.

Can also be used as handwash.

Precaution : Can cause severe burning sensation if it enters your eyes, in which case rinse with plain water.

Soapnuts and Shikakai have natural antifungal and pest repellent properties.

Lathers less and uses less water to wash off.

No preservatives.

Keep away from sunlight and replace cap tightly after use.

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Sale priceRs. 465.00

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