Himalaya's Shunya Kalli Haldi latte (Black Turmeric)



Our Amba Haldi Latte is a

unique combination of Ambha Haldi

also known Mango Ginger (Curcuma Amada) and Ashwagandha from Uttarakhand. This Ayurvedic Latte mix helps in bringing relief from joint pain, indigestion, cough, helps heal wounds and boosts immunity, fight depression, and boosts fertility. 

---Ingredients ---

• Amba Haldi✅

• Pahadi Haldi✅

• Ashwagandha ✅

• Cardamom ✅

• Clove,✅

• Ginger✅

• Stevia✅

How to use---🌿

1. Add half a teaspoon of TSE Latte to onecup (250 ml) of hot milk.

2. Pour into a glass using a strainer for a

better experience.(pour from one glass to another to make it frothy and to show off)

3. In case you like it to be sweeter, add honey

Traditionally processed .🌿

• All ingredients grown , harvest at Shunya Farms

• We use okhali (pestle and mortar) and stone hand grinding machine(chakki) to powder turmeric 

• Ingredients mixed by hands the traditional way.

• No machine used. 100% manually processed . 

Haldi life span 🌿

We keep our haldi for 3 years under the ground to bring out the highest quality and maximum curcumin content

Sale priceRs. 799.00

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