Kanha Creation Hand made Lavender Lotion


The main function of night cream or lotion is to repair, rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin that cause damages by exposing to sun, pollution, dirt and so on. Night is the only time that your skin is at rest & undisturbed. Hence, by default, this is the time your skin takes to repair itself. Aiding your skin in this repairing procesas with the right night cream / lotion is a very important part of skincare. Night creams / lotions help rehydrate your skin & fight against free radicals, which are responsible for skin damage. Thereby restoring your skin’s natural glow.

Grape Seed Oil- Due to lightweight of the oil it gets easily absorbed in the skin without feeling oily or greasy.  Moisturizes and balances the skin. The polyphenols, found in grape seed oil help to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  This oil also has natural astringent properties, making the skin look tighter and more youthful. Also, heals dry and sun damage skin.

Mango Butter– is effective in preventing inflammation and itching caused by dry skin. Ideal for all types of skin, good emollient, high moisturizing properties due to which it is very soothing and healing, deep nourishing the skin. The Vitamin C in mango butter helps to boost the skin, brightening it, while the Vitamin A helps to increase the skin’s youthful appearance, reducing fine lines. It has damage repairing properties sooth the sunburn and to heal minor wounds.

Cucumber Extract- posses moisturizing and emollient properties, in built astringent properties that tightens and firm the skin, also helps to reduce the sign of aging.

Lavender Essential Oil- Lavender is soothing, calming and healing properties.

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