The Heartfulness Way Curriculam Kit For Students - Grade 7


Welcome to our Heartfulness Education Programs. ‘The Heartfulness Way: Curriculum´ is our value-based education syllabus for students in Grade 1 to Grade 9. The framework for the curriculum is the ‘Core Human Values´ outlined by UNESCO in their 2002 sourcebook, Learning to Be - a Holistic and Integrated Approach to Values Education for Human Development. The curriculum is based on the principle that in order to learn to live together in peace, we must find peace within ourselves; hence the title, ‘Learning to Be’. UNESCO promotes the idea that education aims at the overall development of the individual as a complete person. This curriculum has been developed by an international team of developers from India, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, comprising school teachers, university lecturers, occupational therapists, counsellors, PhD graduates in education, and experienced facilitators. For every grade, there are two books, one is the Lesson Plans for Teachers and the other is the Activity Workbook for Students. This kit contains the combined set of two books for every grade and it allows teachers and students to work together on their listening skills, communication skills, decision making skills and much more. It is designed with a focus to nurture qualities like empathy, resilience, creativity which form the core of a holistic human being. Parents can also use these books to facilitate the learning of values for their children in a fun-filled manner. For more questions about this curriculum or for schools to buy these books in bulk, please contact Heartfulness at

Format: Soft Bound
Language: English
Sale priceRs. 250.00

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