Complete Works of Ram Chandra (Lalaji) - Volume 4


There is one thing I tell everyone, rather, emphasise with the beat of a drum: every seeker must try to regulate his or her character from the very beginning. Let nothing be uttered that is unacceptable to others, nor any action undertaken that is not liked by others. Keeping these two things in mind, work on moulding your character Ð this is the foremost principle. I am not as much a lover of spirituality as I am of character. If a person has established his approach to Dhruva Pad but still has weakness of character, then I consider that he has not yet attained the real gem. Perfect character is when everything in a person is in a state of balance, and he assumes this condition. When even this condition is gone, no-one shall equal him. Of course, this is attained with the greatest difficulty, but it does not mean that you should not make bold to try for it. Now the question arises: is it not possible to attain spiritual progress without developing perfect etiquette or character? Why is it so essential to cultivate it? 
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