Heartyculture Signature Green Tea Blends


Heartfully crafted Six Signature blends of Green Tea for all times of the day.  

Lemon Grass - An Early Morning tea with Lemon and Woody aroma to refresh & revitalize and for improved metabolism

Blue Green Tea (Blue Pea) - An Earthy taste for Forenoon to boost Antioxidant & relax & release pressure on the eyes

Indian Spices - A power packed blend with spicy taste for Digestion post lunch 

Floral Delight Hibiscus / Marigold - Cranberry like flavor and natural sour & woody taste to re-energize your afternoon & boost immunity

Rose with Oolong Tea - Floral aroma tea with sweet and smooth taste makes it perfect tea at dusk to calm & cleanse the body

Geranium - A high aromatic tea with natural sour taste to energize the mind and to soothe the senses at all times 

Organically grown and harvested in Jalinga Tea Estate in Assam, The only CO2 Neutral Tea Estate in the World. 


Varients: Lemon Grass
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