Finding time for the self while raising a tiny human

Motherhood is a gift the universe gives women to create a human full of love and compassion and one who is ready to have the universe’s back and save it from destruction. A perfect adult emerges when the most important person in her world is healthy. Healthy enough to walk the journey of childhood once again, making the most of it to allow the child to weave a beautiful destiny.

Often, after giving birth new mothers are overwhelmed with what they have to take care of. There is a little human that needs to be fed, burped, cleaned, wiped whose only language is loud wails that must be deciphered. This does not leave much time for mothers to even think of what they want for themselves. Here are some things that mothers can do for nourishing their bodies:

Eating fresh foods: Fresh food provides the best nutrition. All the Vitamins and minerals enter the system and revitalise it. Packed and processed foods may contain preservatives that the baby could be allergic to and could tamper with the breast milk.

Taking Fluids: Water intake helps balance weight. As the new mother breastfeeds, it is important for her to fill the body with adequate fluids. Fresh juices, water, and milk work wonder to let the bodily juices flow. At this point, one should try to avoid the intake of caffeine.

Do not diet: The post-pregnancy weight can be scary, but that should not be a reason to start a diet. The body takes about 6 months to a year to go back into its shape. At this point, the system needs all the nourishment and the carbohydrates to give fuel to the mother throughout the day. Although, one can watch their portion sizes and fill the in-between- meal timings with healthy snacks.

Exercise: A new mother can do moderate exercise with small circuits of 10 minutes three to four times a day. Consultation with the gynecologist is a must before starting new forms of exercise in the early post-natal period. The frequency and intensity also depend on the type of delivery.

A mother’s good health is the key for a child to flourish. Women’s health is central to the whole family. Everyone is dependent on them for a lot of things. To avoid exhaustion and burnout, good physical health and mental health can not only take care of others but also help to lead a better and fulfilled life by meeting own goals.

Join us in the next part of this article where we delve deeper into mental health in the post-natal period.