Aha...its a Sunday, a day to relax... to do nothing....
BTW, what is doing “Nothing”?
I mean, is it just possible to do Nothing? Our thoughts??
We are a slave to our thoughts and they make us wander from one activity to the other, taking us through a roller coaster ride of anger, jealousy, prejudice, joy, lust, assumptions , presumptions and what not...phew.....NOTHING!!
Its 5 30 am, I am standing in the balcony with my cup of tea, a light wind gently caresses my face, I look at the silhouette of the small hillock far away, the head remains empty, the processor called brain halts its operations for some time, the eyes devour the morning beauty without judging it, the sense organs stop processing the inputs it takes from around us - the body goes into a sense of stillness-the eyes remain focused...they hardly blink..….
Slowly a sense of EU-PHO-RIA passes though me, a state of joy, where my entire being as Human comes to a standstill...deeply in love with the moment, stop thinking about others, stop thinking about the things around me, the ears stop listening, the eyes stop seeing, the lips don't part to speak, the brain with its THINKING ZONE is in a pause mode , only CHI or Prana flows though the body...its the state of DOING NOTHING...The actual state of BEING!
Tat Twam Asi
Thou Art that


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