Thus Spoke Chariji (Collection of Talks from 2002 to 2014 - in English)


1. HeartSpeak 2002 (Vol 1) cover talks and discourses given by P. Rajagopalachari during the first half of the year 2002, including his messages at major celebrations and talks given in various parts of India. These talks are thought-provoking, encouraging us to dive into a deeper understanding of our spiritual journey

2. HeartSpeak 2002 (Vol 2) talks cover topics both worldly and spiritual, including tolerance, harmony, brotherhood and human integration, as well as truthfulness, duty, obedience, seriousness of purpose in spirituality and the need for a living master. They are also enriched with stories, which help to illustrate spiritual philosophy and values to seekers from all backgrounds and cultures.

3. HeartSpeak 2003 features many inspiring and uplifting talks given by P. Rajagopalachari while on tour in India, Australia, USA and Europe in 2003. In this book Chariji talks of the importance of complete dedication and commitment to all the aspects of our spiritual practice

4. HeartSpeak 2009 features the lectures and informal talks delivered by P. Rajagopalachari while travelling in India in the year 2009. Through these talks, Chariji urges aspirants to pursue the spiritual life with a sense of purpose, dedication and urgency while continuously moulding one’s character to strengthen such a sublime life.

5. HeartSpeak 2010 features the lectures delivered by P. Rajagopalachari in 2010, in India, emphasize the importance of opening the heart, attending to the call of the heart and disciplining from the heart. They also provide wisdom on the spiritual practice, ethics and morality, character formation, the role of the Master, becoming human, the future of humanity and the Mission, the spiritual journey and love

6. HeartSpeak 2014 - This volume contains the talks and messages given by P. Rajagopalachari during 2014, the last year of his long life. In these messages he urges us to have the courage to open our hearts to everybody, explaining that “if you have an open heart, there is no foe.” These talks are an invitation to all those interested in spirituality to take advantage of the benefits of the Sahaj Marg practice, encouraging them to adopt a heart-centred approach to life and, above all, to lead a life imbued with love

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