Swaas Reusable Washable Casual Cotton Face Mask for Women (Pack of 3, Assorted)

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Wellness is key as you minimize your exposure of deadly viruses and bacteria with the latest fashion accessory. These masks are sensibly crafted for all weather situation giving utmost comfort and safety with an inner antimicrobial fabric lining and a 100% soft cotton printed outer layer. The contoured shape and adjustable ear loops ensure a secure fit. They can be easily hand-washed and reused. The pack comes with 3 assorted prints especially designed for women. These re-usable masks are suitable for everyday use and eco-friendly choice for you. Easy to carry a spare, as they are foldable, so take keep them in the tote wherever to go, be it shopping malls or to a coffee shop to meet a friend. Anti-microbial resistance lasts up to 10 washes. 

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