Mrilq Summer Sense Hair Wash/Shampoo


A perfect combination of natural herbs & essential oils that improves follicular level of microcirculation for better hair vitality. Specially made for sweaty scalp & workout lovers helmet users. Natural oils has been used as conditioners, to impart a natural woody, earthy fragrance of herbs, carefully selected from Indian Herbology. It does not strip your scalp of the natural oils, which are much required for maintaining the acid mantle (pH balance) of your scalp.


  • A Kashayam based green handmade daily use hair wash, with no synthetic fragrances, paraben, mineral oils or harsh chemicals.
  • A perfect daily use scalp & hair cleanser perfect for post workout that helps regenerate, strengthen & energize the hair.
  • Delivers a long lasting suppleness & shine to the hair.
  • Helps restore the health & vitality of the hair even after daily wash.
  • It doesn't strip the scalp of natural oils & maintains the pH balance of the scalp.
  • Adds sheen & strength to the hair.
  • Controls hairfall, & improves hair volume & strength.


Sale priceRs. 485.00

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