Butyfulme Flora-Rama Blue bagru A line kurti with pintec neck details-azo free dye hand block


Floral buttas are the favourite of indian prints. The colour that glades this fabric adds to its flow and feminity. A line kurti when you use it with pants. A line dress when you drape a belt around your waist. A wonderful summer wear.

Indian-made clothing – Usage and Impact on the society:Picking out that exorbitantly-priced apparel from the shopping mall paired with high heels and matching accessories would sure make you feel over the moon, but there are many perks in choosing a traditional handmade Indian clothing as well. Apart from being a great addition to your wardrobe, it is also breathable, made out of eco-friendly dyes and amps up your style quotient with a unique touch. Here are a few reasons to add these to your next shopping list. 

Environmental ImpactVibrant, radiant and colourful – This is what describes Indian-made clothing. Be it your skirts, Kurtis or chudidhars, all of them are unprocessed, meaning these are curated for you by a real person like you. They aren’t machine-made or minimally machine made and are spun out of natural fibers aka cotton. Ours products are either handwoven or hand printed, sometimes even hand spun and that is what makes them so special. Though it takes several hours for the fabric to be created, artisans mostly stick to Traditional methods in making them. The dyes they use are natural and are made out of either plant or vegetable dyes or azo free safe dyes. While large companies use chemical and synthetic dyes for their fabrics, polluting the waterbodies after its mass production, the dyes used in Indian-made clothing are completely safe for humans as well as for the environment. With no microfiber discharge occurring while washing clothes, there is no contamination to the environment and your clothes will also last longer.

Social Impact: All the clothes you buy are completely handmade, thus provides employment to many artisans across the country. The finished product that you buy is a compiled effort of hundreds of such people who meticulously make it for several days together. Weavers, printers, block printers, dye makers, block makers and many others contribute to your clothing and earn money to run their household whenever you pay for one of these clothes and take it home. Several handloom makers and carpenters are too benefitted in the process. Here’s a fact: While a thousand meters of cloth can be made using a power loom, only four meters can be handwoven in day. While opting for an Indian-made clothing you not only consciously bring a change to your life, but also positively impact many people around you. 

Wellbeing Impact: While giving you that classic and chic look, wearing Indian clothing also has amazing benefits to your body and skin. Since there are no chemical dyes such as azo dyes being used while handcrafting these clothes, it doesn’t cause any irritation to your skin and thus, is highly recommended by everyone including doctors. It’s the perfect clothing to pick for summer as it lets the skin breathe, absorbs sweat and cools down your body. Cotton fabrics are also great because the fabric is very versatile and can be used with other variants to make many apparels. Laundry will no longer be a headache as the natural fibers that are grown from our very own land tends to last longer than you think.

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