Butyfulme Coconut oil and Shea butter Lavender-Natural Soap- Set of 2


This Butyfulme natural soap Cleanse, moisturize and soothe your skin with all our natural handmade soap made with organic oils and plant butters, pure essential oils, organic herbs, and spices such as coconut oil ,Shea Butter, Castrol oil, Sesame oil ,Aqua ,lye, Perfume and pigment is essential for good and safe skin. 

Our moisturizing pure natural soap recipes are meticulously developed to produce a mild, skin-nourishing soap that gives a great long-lasting foam and gives your skin feeling pure, soft and radiantly wholesome.

  • Your skin needs a unique care, so we offer a variety of formulations
  • Handcrafted in small batches with natural botanical and essential oils, so color and scent may change slightly from one batch to the next
  • Available in Full-size bars.
  • Butyfulme Natural Soap is rich in natural ingredients with aroma or distinct properties like Coconut oil ,Shea Butter, Castrol oil , Sesame oil ,Aqua ,lye.
  • This soap provides a very comforting experience to mind, body and soul for you and your family.
  • It helps in maintaining the hydrated and well nourished 
  • It relaxes the cuticle and helps in reducing the breakouts.
Paraben Free

Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in cosmetics & they are carcinogenic (having the potential to cause cancer). We do not use such chemicals to prolong the shelf lifetime of the products and ensure skin care at its best.

100% Vegetarian

Say “no” to cruelty to animals and Say “yes” to unquestionably no animal ingredients, used in our natural soap product!

Fresh Ingredients

Freshest and purest ingredients brought straight from the farms.

How To Use our Natural Soap

Lather up then scrub and clean!

  • GMO Free
  • Bio-Degradable
  • 100% Vege
  • 100% Fresh
  • 99% Natural
Sale priceRs. 318.00

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