Butyfulme Oral Care Combo


Herbal Tooth Powder 30g - 2

Bamboo Tooth Brush - 4

Herbal Tooth Powder; brush for two minutes, rinse and repeat; For best outcomes use after each meal or at least twice a day

Directions for use: Sprinkle the Herbal tooth powder on a toothbrush or apply it uniformly on the teeth gently brush the teeth in a circular motion and from the sides, rinse and repeat, hardens loose teeth, refresh breathing and assured whiting of teeth.

Butyfulme herbal tooth powder is a boon to your dental health care

Made from selected natural ingredients

Makes your gums strong

Use For healthier, whiter and glower teeth

Made by freshly ground ingredients from our soils, free of any fillers, foaming agents or chemicals

Rs. 866

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