Butyfulme Herbal Tooth powder - pack of 2


Butyfulme Herbal tooth powder originated from the essence of Ayurveda is a blessing to your oral health problem, this tooth powder is Hand pounded and Grounded as per Ayurvedic Suggestions for strong teeth, fresh breath, and Gum

This organic tooth powder can replace your toothpaste as it consists of potent chemical ingredients. 

The carefully selected ingredients such as Clove, Pepper, Indu Salt, Oregno, Camphor, kadukari, Masikai, Velam, Maghizam, give a fresh breath and improve your gum health with every use. 

While these ingredients are busy ensuring your gum health, rock salt adds a nice sparkle to your teeth. This herbal tooth and gum powder act as a natural toothpaste for sensitive teeth. 

It is an invaluable tooth powder as it gets frees of bad breath and takes care of your overall oral health.

All the members of your family can use it.
Method of Usage: Wet your mouth, take the desired quantity, and gently massage your teeth with the powder. 

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