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Cast Iron Paniyara/Paddu Kal 9 pits

Iron Appa/Appe Kadai/Pan 10"

Paniyara/Paddu Kal 9 pits or any modern recipe made in this cast iron heavy kadai is healthy, crispy and tasty.

By using a real iron cookware you not only ensure you avoid harmful effects of nonstick but also reap additional benefits such as balancing the acidity and adding iron to it.

This piece is hand crafted using sand molds in the rural south India

Type of food : Suitable for shallow and deep fry

Seasoning Instructions : Oil has been applied on the kadai to keep it away from rust.

Before first time use, apply any vegetable oil like gingelly, coconut, olive etc and heat it in low flame , fry an onion or potato and throw the same. wash well and use. Every time you use it , you are seasoning it, older the kadai, better the output.

Do not use chemical based cleaner, 

Suggest fully natural Dish wash like Butyfulme Natural Dish wash.

*Sizes and Weights may vary slightly as few are handmade or slight variation in molds

Appa/Appe Kadai/Pan 10"

Unique cookware traditionally widespread among the southern states of India. 

It has a bent shape with a compact handle. 

When it's heated, the presence of handle does it more comfortable for the users to take away the iron appe pan. 

The refined inner part is an extra vital feature.

For the finest taste and texture of Appam, you should have this Appa Chatti in your cooking area. 

This is one of the most useful cookery items to satisfy your tummy with lots of healthy and gratifying preparation of the day. 

This Iron Kadai endure heat and spread it evenly thereby circumventing the burning of the food.

Sale priceRs. 2,198.00

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