Swaas 100% Cotton Kitchen Napkin in Blush Pink Polka Dot and Heart Print (Set of 3)

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Add bright and beautiful springtime vibes to your kitchen with these 100% Cotton Swaas Kitchen Towels in pretty blush pink pastel with polka-dot and heart print. These classic prints that will never go out of style and works with virtually any home decor. These towels are a household staple made with premium cotton. They are ultra-absorbent, durable, and handy for mopping up in the kitchen and and are great for drying dishes and glasses. With each wash, these towels become more absorbent. These are sure to bring style and functionality to your kitchen and table and are perfect for drying your hands too. To keep bacteria growth to a minimum, make sure to hang the towels so they can fully dry between uses. 

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