Chemmala Sugathy - Clear & Healthy Veins


SUGATHY CLEAR & HEALTHY VEINS - A Pure Herbal Product. Varicose Veins are enlarged and twisted veins which causes blood pooling in the veins and leads to their twisting and bulging results in pain, itching and sometimes bleeding. Natural ingredients used in this mixture not only treats varicose veins , but also to reducing swelling and improving blood flow and supply nutrients to the veins. You can notice the results within only 4 weeks and get the beautiful painless legs. 

How to use: 1.Apply any base oil ( coconut oil, castor oil , olive oil, etc ) on the surface which is to be treated 2.Mix the chemmala powder along with 4-5 cloves of crushed garlic paste and make it as a thick paste. 3.Apply 1mm thick mask of paste on the affected...

Sale priceRs. 300.00

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