Praanapoorna Healing Skin Butter 100g


Skin Moisturiser, lip balm, Rash cream for normal, dry skin or cracked skin.  Contains Beeswax, Coconut Oil and tree resin Sambrani/ Benzoin.

Beeswax works as a Natural sunscreen. The delicate fragrance of Sambrani is very calming and acts as a natural relaxant and stress reliever.

Specially Handcrafted with Cold pressed coconut oil from Devarakadu (Sacred grove) Natural Farm reviving Ancient Wisdom. Sambrani or Benzoin is a resin from tree bark from Forests of Karnataka and Beeswax is sourced from Urban Bee keepers to promote circular economy by locally sourcing raw materials.

Best before 12 months.

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Sale priceRs. 540.00

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