Swaas 100% Cotton Splash-Proof Ivory/Green Tote Bag for Women

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Introducing Swaas Cotton Tote Bag with Splash-Proof technology. Elegant print pattern and clean shape highlights the minimalist style of this spacious white tote crafted from 100% pure and durable cotton and topped with easy over-the-shoulder handles. The Slouchy cotton fabric delivers softness and spacious capacity. In addition to being super chic, this bag is part of Swaas water-saving program and is eco-consciously made using significantly less water. Whether you’re running to the grocery store, getting work done at a coffee shop, or you’re planning a quick overnight getaway, the totes are designed to keep you organized while allowing for easy access to all the essentials within arm’s reach. Your soon-to-be favorite tote bags that are fully equipped to carry all your most important things from the beach to the boardroom and beyond. 

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