The Immortal Words of Chariji (Collection of English Books)


1. The Fruit of the Tree - Talks given in USA & Europe in 1986 on the importance of heart in Sahaj Marg

2. The Gift of Love - Talks given during India Tour in 1992 challenging some of our deepest pre-conceptions and awaken us to the divine possibility of realising out true selves through practice of meditation

3. Revealing the Personality - Talks given during Europe Tour in 1993 explaining real meaning of "Personality" and how it can be revealed through the practice of Sahaj Marg

4. The Guru & The Goal - Talks given in 2009 on the subject Character formation & "Attitude, Guru & Goal" 

5. Sahaj Marg Meanderings - Questions & Answers session in 2011 addressing fundamental questions around the system of Sahaj Marg, its root, develop faith, deepen their practice

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