This happened after the lockdown in 2020. We couldn't get out of the house,or meet people or anything. But we set out for an all india road trip. We started in hyderabad and went to pench.A forest in madhya pradesh.It takes 12 hrs to get there.We stayed in tiger ‘n’ woods
which is a very nice resort that is pet friendly.It has a nice playground and a bonfire at night.The owners even had 3 dogs and a lot of cats who coco loved playing with. They have a safari at 5 in the morning and one in the evening.The safari takes 5 hrs so they give us picnic baskets to take along.The area is known for tigers and we did see one.There were a lot of deers which really annoyed me because every time i've done a safari we only see deers.But the experience was good.We left coco in the resort because we weren’t allowed to take him on the safari but the staff took very good care of him.THey used trackingchips to find the tigers and the spiders there were the size of my  hand.

Navika Misra

(Age - 11years)