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Hearty Women: A Digital Platform to Announce Your Business.

Women entrepreneurs are on the rise, but their success is still dependent on their social status.The future of this industry is bright, and there are many opportunities for women to work in thisfield. With so many women entrepreneurs succeeding, it can be difficult to know how to break intothe game. It’s not always easy to find investors or mentors who believe in you. So, todaywe’re launching a digital platform that will offer support for female entrepreneurs. This will be an online community where women can feel supported, whether they're just starting out or have been running their own businesses for years.

The rise of women entrepreneurs

Every day, more and more women are starting their own businesses. Women make up 40 percent of the founders of startups, and the number is growing. With so many women entrepreneurs in the game, there's a lot to be learned from one another. That's why we're launching a digital platform that will offer support for female entrepreneurs. The site will have resources for anyone just starting out or has been running their own business for years. We’re making it easier for women to find mentors, share tips with other female
entrepreneurs, and be inspired by success stories. And we’ll provide a place where women can feel supported—no matter what stage they’re at in their business journey.

Hearty Women

Hearty Woman is a digital platform that will offer support for female entrepreneurs. With women entrepreneurs on the rise, it can be difficult to know how to break into the game. For that reason, we’ve created an online community where women can feel supported at any stage of their careers. We'll offer tips and tricks for navigating the world of entrepreneurship, give strategies for cutting down your startup costs

The need for online communities for female entrepreneurs

The need for online communities for female entrepreneurs is important because it provides a space for women to find mentors, get help with their business, and be inspired by others. Women are twice as likely to start businesses in the U.S. But when they do, they're less likely to receive investment or mentoring. Even if they do get investment, it's usually lower than their male counterparts. And when women are given mentoring, it's usually from men who have no experience running a business themselves. That's why we're launching an online community - to provide support for any woman entrepreneur that needs it! We'll offer resources on online promotion and more. If you're looking for support in your quest to become an entrepreneur, check us out today!

How can Hearty Women help?

Hearty Women is a digital platform that will offer support for female entrepreneurs. It’s clear that women are increasingly gaining visibility when it comes to business, but they need more than visibility. The goal of Hearty Women is to provide women with the tools and resources they need in order to succeed in this field and in life. That way, we can help break
down the barriers for women entrepreneurs and make sure their success isn't dependent on their social status. Right now, there's not a place where driven and successful female entrepreneurs can get advice from other women who have been through similar challenges. We want to fill this gap by giving them the support they need to keep going.


Hearty Women is a digital platform to announce your business. The site is a gathering place for women entrepreneurs to connect and share their successes and challenges. It's a community focused on helping women find their voice, their power and their tribe.
The mission of Hearty Women is to celebrate the success of women. Our goal is to help them feel inspired, supported and connected as they grow, create and evolve. We believe that by creating a community that celebrates the success of women, we will empower them to continue to grow as individuals and as leaders, as well as enable them to take their power and create a space for other women who may not have found their voice yet.


Hearty Women is a prophetic vision of Kamlesh Patel (Daaji), the current Global Guide of the Heartfulness Institute; The world’s largest meditation center at Kanha Shanti Vanam is located near Chegur Village in Ranga Reddy district, 50 kilometers away from Hyderabad in India. Heartfulness is a spiritual organisation that intends to bring in honesty and righteousness in all aspects of life, especially in that of Hearty women.

Hearty Women forum is a group of dedicated women entrepreneurs with utmost resolute and courage instilled to step out and explore the opportunities that are provided by the parental organization in order to get a firm foot in the business sector with the fundamental idea of serving the needy.

Stimulated and motivated by the idea and perception of Masters, Hearty women have stepped out to serve in a unique way; We are all set to combine Business with Service and promote conscious living. Our motto is to remain financially independent and make a significant difference in society. We intend to be a beacon of light for the younger generations, to adhere to the principles of honesty and integrity.

Our Vision:

● To train women in being an authority of their own life in each and every individual aspect through enterprise and promote sheer excellence by adopting a holistic approach.
● To follow a gentle and empathetic approach in communication among members.
● To mutually regard member opinions and to settle differences if any, with patience and understanding in order to arrive at amicable solutions.
● To freely interact with the core team during review of Products/Services for price/quality/sustainability.
● To share ideas for collaboration by survey, on the expansion of market, products and finding strategic business partners.

● NOT to engage in fraud/poor commitment with customers and team members.
● To abide by a Collective Will of the forum by not taking sides of any one individual or promoting any one entrepreneur.

Hearty Women Forum – Current Status

The Hearty Women forum is currently in its formative months. We started at a time when no one knew of online posting or social media. We ran many classes supported by IT sisters to strengthen them in this front. Women who had low self esteem gradually are showcasing their brands and collaborating with others confidently. There has been a lot of development in a very short span of time. Our initial achievement has been to gain an entry in social media, on Facebook. The page works as the first level contact for women entrepreneurs with customers. The Hearty Women Facebook page would showcase all the entrepreneurs, help
them to directly address the customer with product/service details and prices (if they chose to). The actual sale transaction however, would be initiated on the entrepreneur’s personal page. The Hearty Women website, for active selling and promotion of products/services, is readily accessible to all vendors. Based on the overall feedback and activity levels, we will decide our next course of action for more prominence on the online domain. Facebook will be linked to Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube.
We are extremely grateful to a few brothers of Heartfulness Community, who have come forward to shoulder the costs of the website. We are growing seamlessly without too much noise or false promises.

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Hearty Women Forum – Benefits

Hearty Women provides a plug-and-play digital platform for the convenience of its entrepreneurs in announcing their respective businesses.

We have seasoned mentors across industries who provide sporadic guidance to
the Hearty Women team.

Hearty Women members can also access various other sister forums, webinars and counseling free of cost. We have had a webinar series for women entrepreneurs on different industry requirements/Government policies etc. COWE (Confederation Of Women Entrepreneurs), an online selling platform for women entrepreneurs.

Hearty Women recently conducted HELP sessions for inspiring around 40 plus Narayanpet students by expressing with great clarity and affection. The children really loved it.

The HELP Program [Heartfulness – Experience Life’s Potential]

The Heartfulness Experience Life Potential Program is a 16 week certificate course for students of Grade 10 to Grade 12, on Life Skills and values that equip them with Heartfulness practices, knowledge and skills in order to experience quality educational outcomes. The Program caters to Improved Concentration and Focus in students, boosts their self confidence, emotional stability thereby helping them lead a well balanced life where stress is well managed, leading to a joyful and happy society. Students tend to display better values of compassion and respect towards one another through the HELP

Our team of experts have also conducted various online tutorials in order to boost the business skills of the members in the area of finance/accounts, marketing, creative presentations and communication skills.

Hearty Women Entrepreneurs undertake their business via many segments. Some to name are Education, Health, Yoga, Cooking/baking, Self-defense, Handicrafts & tailoring, Music & Dance etc. Kindly go through our website to know more about what we offer under various segments.

Hearty Women often play pivotal roles on the domestic front too. We are designed to nurture. Hence we also need to be nurtured and remain motivated.

Pranayam, Yoga, Meditation, Walking / Jogging are some more ways to improve the lifestyle of Hearty Women;

Kudos to all Hearty Women who despite being saddled with so many responsibilities, are turning out to be excellent entrepreneurs in their respective fields. Hearty Women continue to be strong and we shine forever